Reach an International Audience with Global SEO

Does your business have a website? Do you serve clients all over the world? Do you ship products to clients in other countries? Are you seeking to expand out of Singapore and take on the world?

Global SEO is the first step towards international success for your company. By capturing as much traffic as possible from users all around the world who are actively searching for your product or service, you can raise brand awareness and demand without overinvesting.

Essentially, dollar-for-dollar, it’s the most efficient way to reach more clients and customers overseas.

How global SEO is different from other campaigns

The main difference between global search engine optimization and local campaigns is that there are different key words and phrases of focus for each targeted area. Notwithstanding language differences, the words and terms used to describe your product or service may be quite different in other countries compared to Singapore. For example, a company exporting wholesale handbags may focus on the word ‘handbag’ in the UK and Australia, and ‘pocketbook’ in the US. The choice of keywords has significant impact on the amount of traffic captured through the optimization process.

Successful global SEO takes significant strategy development and planning. Different countries require different approaches, not just from a language point of view but also from a technical and competition point of view. Often, just as in business, it can take much more to establish a successful campaign in an existing competitive market than in a brand new market. Our account managers can confidently plan and execute your global campaign, backed by years of experience and our own international success.

Choose SEO Agency

SEO Agency is Singapore’s premier optimization firm for a reason. We are a part of an international network of companies pioneering quality online marketing services in several different countries. Through our affiliates in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Hong Kong and Dubai, we provide thousands of prominent international organisations with the search engine positions they need to get ahead. To put it simply, we’ve taken our brand international – we can do the same for you too. You’ll get comprehensive regular reporting so you can track your progress up the rankings. We’ll even provide competitor reports, so you can see at a glance how you’re performing against your main competitors in each market.

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