Google Insurance

In the age of Web 2.0, where anyone can publish content quickly and easily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect against online attacks. Many companies, especially prominent international brands, have found themselves the subject of negative opinion pieces, blogs, attack pages, reviews and more. Negative content can be a swift and deadly blow against a company’s positive marketing messages, causing damage to the company’s image as well as impacting sales and leads.

If you want to protect your company against potential future attacks, there is something you can do. At SEO Agency, we provide a service we like to call ‘Google Insurance’. By making the most of search engine optimization principles, we can ensure that positive pages (including your own business website) gain SERP rankings and establish strong positions as early as possible.

The aim is to establish and maintain control over your reputation online.

How it’s done

In addition to optimising your site for your business name, derivatives of your name, names of key personnel, and product/service keywords, we can also establish rich and valuable information sites and articles about your brand or aspects of your business, building their authority and credibility by ensuring that they have plenty of unique, original, informative and useful content. We also ensure that strong link profiles are developed for each site.

For example, just say you ran a fast food chain. We would optimise your main site as a priority, but we may also enhance and optimise your company LinkedIn page, your Wikipedia page, your social media pages, any nutritional information sites you run, and the sites of any community organisations or charities that you have ties to. This way, if someone attacks your company online and a potential client/customer searches for your company name, they won’t see the negative content – they’ll just see what you want them to.

In contrast to trying to have a (often anonymous) webmaster or publisher take down negative content, Google Insurance is far more cost effective, efficient and ethical.

Why your organisation needs Google Insurance

You may think you’re immune to an attack, or not likely to be attacked because you’re not in a ‘controversial’ industry. However, every company or professional individual can receive some degree of benefit from protecting their reputation online. You never know how negative content could affect you – whether you’re a doctor trying to shield against a frivolous and highly publicised malpractice suit, or a large multinational manufacturer fighting false claims of pollution, Google Insurance could make all the difference.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect yourself. Call 6270 2193 to speak to an expert about your reputation management needs.