Facebook Advertising

The concept of advertising to customers while they’re talking with their friends and widening their social circles on Facebook is one that many businesses are only just beginning to explore. As an advertising space, social networks in general are rich with opportunity for almost any brand or business you’d care to name: there simply isn’t a market that can’t be found on social networking sites and services.

Advertising on Facebook is a more cost-effective marketing solution than Google’s advertising suite (including their pay-per-click and AdWords offerings). It also engages a wide variety of potential customers in their leisure time, where they are much more likely to be receptive to your message.

How does Facebook marketing work?

Facebook ads themselves are unique, and are shown to specific groups of desktop and mobile users, based on a variety of factors. The key thing to remember for businesses advertising on Facebook is that well-targeted and creative ads will receive a higher number of ‘likes’, comments and shares. When this happens, the ad is exposed to an ever-widening audience – thus increasing the exposure of what you’re promoting (your business, your goods and your services).

Facebook’s advertising services include built-in targeting capabilities, which allow you to expose your ads to specific audiences based on information about them – which they provide via their profile. Ads can be targeted based on potential clients’ age, gender, listed interests, broad societal categories they belong to (e.g. parents), and the connections they’ve made via using Facebook (e.g. people who ‘like’ specific brands and products).


Businesses can also incorporate Facebook Offers into their social network marketing process. These are advertisements that revolve around a specific discounted item or service that you’re offering, and include a ‘Get Offer’ button. This allows potential customers to conduct transactions right from their Facebook feed, without ever having to leave the site. It’s ideal for targeting audiences during their leisure time and removing the boundary between Facebook and your site, creating a streamlined advertising service. You can even choose to create barcodes specifically for the Facebook Offers you’ve created, making it easy to track specific sales related to your Facebook marketing campaign.

What we do

The SEO Agency team will work with you to create a Facebook advertising campaign that integrates all of these elements into a cost-effective marketing solution. We will endeavour to provide you with social network advertising that incorporates the message and aesthetic of your brand or organisation.