Attract Local Customers withGoogle Maps

These days, many people are searching for the goods and services that they require online – this is old news.

However, today’s search engine users are looking for more than just a website. Local customers in particular want to know where you are located, so that they can easily pay you a visit. When a customer needs to find out where your business is located, more often than not they will turn to Google Maps.

In short, it pays to make sure that your website is optimised for Google Maps, as it is a highly effective way to target your local audience

Reach mobile customers

An increasing number of people are using mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – to find goods and services that they require on the go. By optimising your site for Google Maps, you are able to reach this particular target market – a target market that generally offers quite a high conversion rate.

If people are searching on the go, it’s more than likely they are searching for something that they actually need at that point in time. They are not sitting at home browsing the web. This being the case, a Google Maps listing essentially draws potential customers right to your doorstep!

Additional benefits

Besides allowing you to target a mobile audience, Google Maps optimization delivers the following benefits:

Google Maps listings appear above the standard search results, and therefore they often dominate the first page of results.

Google Maps is a fast, efficient way to make sure that you can be found by potential clients – it’s as simple as that!

These days, clients are always looking for business reviews online. Your Google Maps listing can be linked to your reviews, allowing potential customers to view this information immediately when you appear in their search results. Via these reviews, you can then gain the trust of potential clients.

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