LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most popular professional networking site on the internet. It’s easily the first and best choice for any brand, company or organisation that’s looking to advertise to a professional, job-oriented market, with over 300,000,000 LinkedIn members worldwide.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that enables users to create a profile, which serves as a kind of publicly-viewable resume. They can also create connections to other users, which represent professional and business relationships – and use these relationships to find job opportunities, expand their working network, and so forth. It’s a combination of a traditional social networking service with a job-seeking site.

Why choose LinkedIn as a marketing space?

LinkedIn itself is tremendously widely-used, primarily by professionals who are seeking to find work or create professional relationships. Because of its business-related nature, advertising on LinkedIn gives your company and brand an air of professionalism and allows you to take advantage of LinkedIn’s reputation and trusted status.

LinkedIn presents an excellent advertising opportunity for anybody who has the professional market in mind, as this is a space primarily targeted towards those in work or looking for career opportunities. It’s also a very cost-effective advertising solution – most businesses find it to be more affordable than Google’s AdWords or pay-per-click offerings.

How it works

The primary methods of advertising to be found on LinkedIn consist of visual ads displayed on various pages throughout the site, as well as client-targeted, ‘one-on-one’ advertisements that are delivered straight to the inbox of potential customers.

LinkedIn only displays two visual ads simultaneously on any one page, giving you a large share of space – and a large share of customer attention. When advertising on this social networking service, you won’t be constantly fighting for attention amongst several other advertisements.

LinkedIn visual ads can be displayed on home pages, profiles and inboxes. This allows you to reach customers at all times and at every level of their LinkedIn experience, rather than only on a splash page or when they’re checking their feed.

Sponsored InMail is another part of the LinkedIn advertising suite. This allows advertisements to be sent to the site-based inbox of targeted audience members. LinkedIn users tend to pay a great deal of attention to their inbox and messages, as this is how they communicate with other users – ensuring that your message will be seen. Also, users can only receive one Sponsored InMail every 60 days, allowing you a 100% share of this advertising space.

What SEO Agency will do

We’ll target your customers via a range of specific factors, including their location, age, gender, professional role and the business they work within. We’ll also create eye-catching visual advertisements that effectively communicate your message.