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With a great deal of experience at the ready, we at SEO Agency provide our clients with search engine optimization of a standard that’s hard to find in Singapore. Our staff members are all knowledgeable, experienced experts whose number one goal is to see your business succeed.

Our confidence in our abilities is backed up by our rock-solid SEO guarantee, which ensures customer satisfaction – regardless of the scale of services needed.

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What is SEO?

It’s important to address the biggest question many of our clients have when they begin to work with us – namely, what search engine optimization consists of.

The process of SEO can be placed under the wider umbrella of online marketing, which has surpassed traditional fields of print and published media to fast become the most important advertising medium in the world. Online marketing has long been considered the most effective way to produce high-level return on investment (ROI) by advertising professionals the world over

Search engine optimization itself is one of the most effective and affordable online marketing strategies available to any organisation. This is primarily due to the widespread use and market dominance of Google, which is used by 1.5 billion people to find products, services, and anything else the general public wants to consume or obtain. SEO is integrally linked to Google, as you’ll see.

SEO, as a process, consists of optimising websites in relation to relevant and frequently-searched key phrases that are used in web searches conducted using sites such as Google. Google matches results with the usage of keywords that are typed into the search field: for example, ‘cheap plumber’ or ‘wedding photographer’.

Sites that have been optimised through the SEO process achieve high SERP (search engine results page) rankings. When a site gains these high rankings, they will appear closer to (or on) the first page of results viewed by potential clients making relevant searches. Search engine results page rankings are created by search engines themselves, through a process of custom-written programs or ‘spiders’ analysing sites and their code. These spiders then determine how relevant sites are to certain search queries, and achieve SERP rankings accordingly.

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SEO itself is a fluid and constantly-changing field, as Google frequently updates and changes its algorithms. Accordingly, it’s important to do business with a company that is fully aware of search engine changes and can update their methodology to suit. The SEO Agency team have the ability to stay up to date with search engine changes, ensuring that our clients maintain great ranking results throughout the duration of their campaigns.

We are also proud to separate ourselves from SEO companies that are only too willing to use Google-unapproved methods and techniques that boost rankings but result in consistent and severe ranking penalisation. Our methods are sound, industry-approved and put into action by a team who are as transparent as possible.