Turn Traffic into Profits with Conversion Rate Optimization

Is your website getting plenty of visitors, but not generating many sales or leads? Does your analytics data tell you that users are coming to your site and then leaving almost straight away? You may have a low conversion rate problem.

Your site’s conversion rate is the ratio between the number of visitors and the number of sales/leads your site generates, expressed as a percentage. For example, just say you run an online store and you had 200 visitors in a day, but only 40 of them bought something – your conversion rate for the day would be 20%.

The missing link between traffic and leads/sales is conversion rate optimization.

What it is

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the art and science of finding out where and when visitors are leaving a site, finding out why, and then split testing alternatives to develop the best possible solution. It all starts with analytics; looking at sources and levels of traffic, seeing how long the average visitor spends on the site and which pages they view, and identifying the critical point at which they click away. The potential solutions – the optimization itself – can involve a wide range of different changes and upgrades, from improving page loading times, to rearranging the content on the page to make it more attractive and easier to navigate, to improving site architecture, or even writing more compelling copy. Testing, analysis and re-testing potential solutions means that the changes made to the site are proven to work with real users.

Why you need it

Aside from improving your conversion rate and therefore helping you get the most out of your SEM spend, CRO can help you boost the value of each sale. If your site is clearer, easier to use and more attractive, a person who may have just visited to buy one thing might be encouraged to buy more products, or to select an item at a higher price point. You’ll also gain greater insight into the habits and preferences of your target market – information which can be useful for a whole range of different applications and projects.

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