About SEO Agency

Established in 2011, SEO Agency has been revolutionising online marketing through unmatched expertise in search engine optimization and web marketing. With over 500 active clients, we have become one of the fastest expanding firms in Singapore, rising to dominance through our skilled and passionate staff who have overcome some of the industry’s most radical shifts in dynamics.

A team you can trust

Our team of over 100 SEO technicians and professionals have allowed our company to be at the forefront of the online marketing revolution, granting us an unmatched reputation for success in Singapore, Australia, America, Hong Kong and Dubai. We have a client database across a number of regions around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America.

We have a passion for delivering results through holistic approaches and tactics that are carried out by each of our experts—be it an account manager, web designer, copywriter or digital campaign managers. Additionally, we take pride in conducting all our work in-house—no element of your project will be outsourced away from our thriving Singapore headquarters.

SEO Agency adopts the “you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with” approach—each of our professionals are leaders, successfully embracing the revolution of digital marketing. For the past four years, SEO Agency has created a repository of knowledge, tactics, expertise and resources that collectively benefit each of our clients’ campaigns.

We will help you meet success with:

  • Budget-specific campaigns that are tailored to meet your financial preferences and overall company objectives
  • A guarantee to rank you in 90 days, or our team will work for free until you do
  • Exceptional results established through ‘white hat’ techniques—we don’t take shortcuts and completely recognise the importance of transparent, ethical services
  • An increase on ROI—witness between 20% and 1200% in return on investment within the first six months of your SEO Agency campaign
  • An account manager with a commitment to driving your campaign towards success, providing support and guidance at all times. They will work side-by-side with you to effectively meet your requirements, goals and business objectives.

Our reputation for quality-driven results are crafted by our team members’ abilities to contribute to the overall success of campaigns, adopting positive attitudes and using their wealth of knowledge to remain at the forefront of the SEO industry.