YouTube advertising

In a world of viral footage and visuals, YouTube advertising has become a prominent part of marketing strategies for a majority of businesses.

Brands actively engaging with social media platforms are utilising this landscape to share their video advertisements with audiences who value the moving image as a source of entertainment and information.

YouTube’s reign of power

YouTube’s audiences never cease to grow, as it continues to connect people to video content that they are actively seeking, or happen to stumble upon in the process of searching. It’s critical for all businesses looking to up their online presence to know the numbers behind YouTube’s current digital dominance:

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day
  • YouTube is prominent in 61 countries, catering for 61 languages
  • 1 billion unique users visit YouTube a month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month


Keeping these statistics in mind, businesses can embrace the success of YouTube as part of their own campaign, utilising its power to leverage their online and offline presence.

How YouTube advertising works

Businesses have many benefits to reap from YouTube marketing. YouTube advertising is an especially cost-effective solution in comparison to the often hefty price of television advertisements. This makes this format an accessible tactic for businesses that have smaller budgets, as you are only charged when someone watches your video. Essentially, those who have the time and interest to watch your footage will, eliminating the possibility of wasting your time, money and resources.

Target your audiences

YouTube’s ability to specifically target audiences with interests and geographical relevance to your brand is a huge advantage. Regardless of whether audiences are viewing video content from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, YouTube delivers efficient and reliable advertising solutions for all business requirements. Target demographics that are on-the-go are now able to be reached via mobile technology, ensuring your brand never runs the risk of missing out on exposure.

Types of YouTube advertising

  • In search: listed in the site’s search results
  • In display: appearing next to other video clips
  • Partner videos: appearing before, during or after a video clip that is being viewed by someone

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